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We Co-opted VERONICAS VINYL Standard of grading vinyl and play evry piece all the way thru before grading:

DISCS are carefully graded; machine cleaned (on a nitty gritty), played & viewed under bright light.

SS = sealed
N = new
M- = played, perfect (very few Lp's make this grade)
EX+ = has no more than 2 hairline marks that do nothing
EX = plays M- w/cosmetic/visual imperfection(s) (most Lp's listed elsewhere as M- or NM are actually this)
VG = slight imperfections/surface noise that'll bother only those looking for disappointment. IT MEANS VERY GOOD.
G = noisier though still enjoyable & nowhere near trashed - IT MEANS GOOD

COVERS are graded before discs.

M- = used, perfect
EX = as close as possible to M- without being so due to conditions listed
VG = pretty good
G = not bad
TC = tatty cover, meaning it's not as bad as you'll think if its' numerous conditions are listed - it looks like it's had a life but doesn't mean trashed

Conditions noted by symbols:

woc/roc/toc = writing/ringwear/tear on cover
sps = seam split
cc = cut corner
h = drill/punch/staple hole, grommet saw notch
H2O = water/moisture effects
cw = cover wear such as scuffs, fine lines from sliding in/out of bins/racks etc
its = in the shrinkwrap
is = ink stamp
rg = radio station graffiti; some combination of writing, stickers, tape etc
sp = spine
st = sticker
sn/sr = stain/sticker residue
fstr = from sticker removal
pst = promo/label sticker
ts = timing strip
cr = cover crimp
sw = seam wear = seams that become white and/or frayed but not split
tps = taped seam
pe = promo/free embossment
ccr/lcr = cover/lamination crease(s)
otol = roc and/or cw on top of lamination that 9 out of 10 times can only be seen under direct bright light
t = top
b = bottom
f = front
bk = back
r = right side
l = left side
c = center
e = elsewhere
po = pocket opening(s)
to/bo = top/bottom pocket opening
s, m or h = if these preceed any symbol it designates small/slight, medium or heavy


wol/stol/srol/tol/isol = writing/sticker/sticker residue/tear/ink stamp on label
slo = sleeve lines only (these occur mostly from paper innersleeves or with import discs that have a thinner edge lip and are harmless)
msl = mostly sleeve lines
sl = sleeve line(s)
pm = pressing mark(s)
pmo = pressing mark(s) only
wlp/ylp/glp = white/yellow/gold label promotional copy
snp = slightly noisy pressing
iptc = I played to check
dnap = does not affect play
ywnm = you won't notice much
dfwysi = don't freak when you see it
sio&hab = slap it on & have a blast
re = reissue
ex re = exact reissue
ltd ed = limited edition
# = numbered
ci = custom innersleeve
o/p = out of print
S1/S2 = side 1 or side 2
T1, 2, 3 etc = song number (for example S2T5 = Side 2 Song 5)
m/f= male female vox